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Washington State NASRO Health Insurance Options Include:

NASRO supports President Biden’s Health Care Reform Plan and the Medicare For All Bill in Congress as solutions to controlling health care costs and providing a stable and universal set of health care benefits.  We provide Washington businesses with unbiased trustworthy advice, and easy-to-understand explanations of benefits and rate comparisons.  There is no need to rely solely upon state government web sites or heavily skewed sales pitches from health plan web sites; NASRO is your smart source for access to the health insurance plans that fit your company, provide the best value, and  deliver quality health care. For a group health insurance quote use our group quote request form below.

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NASRO of Washington State is a non-profit private broker and consultant that has helped the community achieve access to affordable health care for 30 years. We have led the way for small and large businesses to join the vibrant coalition of health care providers and religious social justice groups who broke through the resistance of the health insurance industry to require universal health care access. Let NASRO provide your business with the clear, factual answers you need in today’s ever changing health care world.

Is your health insurance company doing enough to work on behalf of your business or are they just going through the motions by providing an annual parade of new plans with even lower benefits at renewal time?

NASRO is a non-profit association, founded by health care consultant and advocate Robert Gaw, with only one agenda — helping you to get the affordable, high quality health care coverage you need for your company and your employees.  NASRO is your advocate if you are running a socially responsible business. We are  a trusted independent organization experienced in helping companies find their way through today’s complex health insurance system. With NASRO, there are no slick web sites, no complicated telephone trees, and no waits for impersonal service from out of state or overseas telemarketing centers.

Contact NASRO today to learn more, and get more.

The Affordable Care Act has raised the bar in terms of greater protections in the health care provided to you, your employees and their families. But that does NOT mean all health plans in Washington state are equal. We at NASRO offer the best, most appropriate health plans available, at the best rates. Call us today at  617-308-1525 or complete the form below to start the process.


Washington State Health Insurance Companies and Plans



Plans for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Coverage

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Asuris Northwest Health

Plans for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Coverage

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Kaiser Permanente of the Northwest


Kaiser Permanente’s history in the Pacific Northwest goes back to the medical group established to serve workers and their families during construction of Grand Coulee Dam in northeastern Washington in the late 1930s. During World War II, those physicians served workers and their families at the Kaiser shipyards in Portland, Ore., and Vancouver, Wash. With the closing of the shipyards in 1945, enrollment was opened to the community.

Founded in 1945, Kaiser Permanente Northwest, headquartered in Portland, Ore., comprises:

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LifeWise Health Plan of Washington

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Premera Blue Cross

Choice 2500 Silver Plan
Choice 1500 Gold Plan
Choice 1000 Gold Plan
Choice 750 Gold Plan

Choice HSA Qualified 6200 Bronze Plan
Choice HSA Qualified 3000 Silver Plan
Choice HSA Qualified 1500 Gold Plan

Balance 6500 Bronze Plan
Balance 3000 Silver Plan
Balance 2000 Silver Plan
Balance 2500 Gold Plan

Balance 8550 Bronze Plan

Premera Balance HSA Qualified 6200 Bronze Plan
Premera Balance HSA Qualified 3000 Silver Plan
Premera Balance HSA Qualified 1500 Gold Plan

Peak Care 6000 Bronze Plan
Peak Care 3000 Silver Plan
Peak Care 2500 Gold Plan
Peak Care 1000 Gold Plan



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Regence Blue Shield

Regence Blue Shield is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.
Regence now has coverage available for people and businesses in Clark County.

Plans for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Coverage



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United Healthcare

United Healthcare Choice                                                           

Type of Plan

Open Access

Plan Information

Fixed Dollar Payments

Coinsurance Options

Lower Out of Pocket cost for network care


United Healthcare Choice Plus 

Type of Plan

Open Access

Plan Information

Same Features as Choice Plan

Offers members a level of benefits should they choose to seek care outside the network, normally a higher coinsurance                                                                                                                                              and, or deductible level


United Healthcare Options PPO

Type of Plan


Plan Information

Freedom to choose any doctor for your health care needs. No referrals needed

Cost savings by going to a network physician

It’s the member’s responsibility to obtain approvals for both network and non-network services

If a non-network physician is chosen, out of pocket costs will be higher and it is the members responsibility to submit claims

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Additional NASRO Services Coming Soon

Washington Medical Quality Assurance Commission
Information on physician profiles for consumers

We regret to announce that our long time representative in Washington, Daniel Jacobs has passed away suddenly. Daniel was a wonderful person to work with, who shared our perspective of putting people first, support of Single Payer Health Care over large corporate control of health care. Please contact NASRO at 206-512-5416 with any questions about your current health plan or your search for a new health plan.

Robert G. Gaw – License number 954025, is the designated responsible state of Washington licensed person for NASRO.

1700 7th Avenue, Suite 2100
Seattle, WA 9810




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