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Washington State’s NASRO Individuals & Self Employed Health Insurance Carriers Include:

NASRO of Washington is a private non-profit health exchange working to help Medicare eligible people and the Self-Employed with a group of 2 manage their health insurance and employee benefits by viewing all their options at the most affordable rates possible. We help Washington residents and employers find the most affordable health insurance plans by being independent, open, and ethical. We provide easy-to-understand coverage and rate comparisons, transparent plan details, expert advice and free quotes. NASRO is your resource for finding the best health insurance plan that fits your needs, provides the best value and delivers quality health care.

Call 206-512-5416 Now for an Individuals & Self-Employed Health Insurance Group of 2 Quote.

Do you need a less expensive health plan? Are you satisfied that your current health insurance agent is working hard enough and knows enough about both state and federal health care reform? If not, contact NASRO and discover new affordable Washington state options – Call 206-512-5416, or use our Quote Request Form, below.

NASRO of Washington State is a non-profit with 20 years of service to the community and a solution to achieving affordable health care. We lead the way for small businesses to join the vibrant coalition of health care providers and religious activists who broke through the resistance of the health insurance industry to require universal health care access.

Big changes in health insurance are coming. The changes are intended to adversely impact health care consumers.

NASRO Provides Clarity Amongst the Chaos.

NASRO is a non-profit association, founded by health care consultant and activist Robert Gaw, that is both your health care advocate and a humanitarian organization for the common good. NASRO is a trusted independent organization that provides accurate information on the strengths and weaknesses of health insurance carriers and their plans, and we support Washington citizen efforts to make affordable health care available to all state residents and move toward universal health coverage.

NASRO can assist any state resident with their Washington state health insurance problems in part because we are a non-profit, but also because we work with Washington state health insurance staff that is very dedicated and experienced.

Our local health insurance and health care professionals are not just working for a living, but are also offering their leadership and have the skill sets to really assist any state resident or employer group with direct straight answers to questions about benefits choices, costs and which health plan provider network is best for you and your family. There are no complicated telephone matrixes, waits or impersonal service from out of state telemarketing centers when you call NASRO .

The Impact of Health Insurance Reform

Every day that goes by that Washington state health insurance is allowed to continue individual medical underwriting and deny people affordable Washington health insurance coverage is a major waste of resources. It ruins more families and makes Washington weaker in the global marketplace, as this practice contributes to the annual rise in health insurance prices. Hopefully, government regulation will soon do away with this practice.



  • designed for people on Medicare or about to go on Medicare looking for a Medicare Supplement or a Medicare Advantage Plan.
  • for small businesses that want to cover the workforce with a plan they can afford
  • for families with young children looking for low out of pocket costs for doctors visits
  • for the self employed & freelancers who want coverage that can travel with them
  • for people moving to Washington State
  • for people moving to Washington State from other countries
  • for companies moving to Washington State who are used to National Health Insurance and are having trouble adjusting to U.S. health care
  • For U.S. firms opening offices in Washington State
  • for graduating students ready to get off those weak college benefit plans
  • for people who have just been layed off

Types of Coverage

  • Preferred Provider Organization Plans for Washington
  • Health Maintenance Organizations for Washington
  • Catastrophic Health Insurance for Washington
  • Health Savings Account Plans for Washington
  • Dental Insurance Plans
  • Vision Insurance Plans
  • Long Term Disability Plans
  • Short Term Disability Plans
  • Life Insurance Plans
  • Medicare Supplement Plans
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Long Term Care Insurance Plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Retirement Plans

Washington State Health Insurance Services

People who Individuals, Self-Employed Persons, and Small Business, Cooperatives and Non-Profits from 2 to 500 Employees Please call NASRO for Washington State Health Insurance Options at 206-512-5416 to discuss the rates, benefits and providers of the NASRO recommended Washington health insurance plans underwritten by leading Washington health insurance carriers that we have available to our members.

  • Benefits ranging from HMO plans with excellent coverage to the high deductible PPO plans.
  • Choice of providers ranging from physicians and hospitals participating in excellent quality networks to unlimited choice of providers.
  • Coverage for the whole state, from Seattle to Spokane, from Clark County to the islands.
  • Coverage that travels with you when you travel outside of Washington.
  • Ongoing administrative support from NASRO’s health care administrative team.


Washington State Health Insurance Companies and Plans

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