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Open enrollment is still underway in Massachusetts through NASRO, with expanded choices for 2019 of more affordable PPO health insurance plans. NASRO has exciting news to report. We are Brokers and Consultants who offer access to all of the health plans at no additional cost to the employer group. There are many good available to choose from. We encourage groups to not purchase a health plan just based only on price. It is better to speak with a professional who knows the industry and who will represent your interest as a small employer. The key to choosing any health plan is to first evaluate the health care needs of the workforce and  choose the right health plan, with the right doctors and hospitals that people want so benefit is a big asset to your organization and not an afterthought.


Harvard Pilgrim
Health Care

Count Us In
Learn more about Harvard Pilgrim Health Care PPO health plans for local small business and organizations headquartered in Massachusetts. Harvard Pilgrim is one of the best run and highest quality independent, non-profit health plans in the country. Their PPO plans are very competitive with Blue Cross of Massachusetts and offer employers another prestige choice of PPO Group Health Insurance in Massachusetts and through out the country. Like all PPO plans the employees still has the choice of seeing non participating doctors and receive coverage from the health insurer, but at a lower level of benefits than with the participating doctors.

Harvard Pilgrim still encourages members to choice a primary care physician to coordinate care when employees join the health plan.


Blue Cross Blue Shield
of Massachusetts

Blue Cross and Blue Shield is Massachusetts oldest and best known PPO health insurance company that has many fully insured, self insured and level funded plans, from which NASRO helps employer decide what is the best option for the company It is a big company with many health plans and options. Employers still expect the cross and shield to mean something when employees and their families are on vacation, or traveling on business.


Tufts Health Plan

Tufts has a wide range of PPO health plans and great networks of doctors and hospitals.
Learn more about Tufts Health Plan options available now for Massachusetts businesses and non-profit organizations of 10 or more employees. PPO means preferred provider organization where at the time of service the employee and their dependents can choose to see either participating doctors or non participating doctors. When seeing the participating doctors the benefits are better.


Health New England

Learn more about Health New England Health PPO insurance plan options for Massachusetts businesses.



Dental Plans

Massachusetts Dental

Own or operate a small business with 10 employees in Massachusetts? Learn more about Massachusetts dental plans, benefits, and options that are available to groups that take one of our  PPO health insurance plans.

Delta Dental





Vision Service Plan

Learn more about group plans for your small business or non-profit organization from VSP.



Call 617.308.1525 today to learn more about affordable Massachusetts  Group Health Insurance from NASRO , an employee benefits nonprofit  for Small Businesses, Medium Businesses and Large National and International Businesses. 

NASRO  is a socially responsible employee benefit non-profit that helps businesses manage their employee benefits risk by offering new employee benefits strategies by viewing all the options, offering the most up to date benefit designs and obtaining the most affordable rates possible from health insurance companies and health plans. We help Massachusetts businesses find the most affordable health insurance plans with the best benefits by practicing ethical and socially responsible standards. We provide easy to understand coverage and rate comparisons, transparent plan details, expert advice and free quotes. NASRO  is your business consultants that are an independent resource for finding the best health insurance plans that fit your organizations needs, provides the best value and delivers  high quality care from the states best health care providers.

  • With over 28 years experience in Massachusetts health insurance, NASRO  has the administrative experience and technological expertise to help small businesses escape from the layers of the health insurance administrative responsibility.
  • NASRO  has long provided on-going personal attention to Massachusetts-based employer groups of 10 or more employees.
  • Enrolling online in the health plan of your choice through NASRO Administrators is simple and easy.
  • NASRO  is independent of all the health insurance companies and is only on the side of the employers and their employees who are the health care consumers.
  • NASRO is a supporter of 2019  Medicare For All Legislation that will for the first time be brought up for debate and a vote in the newly elected Democratic Party lead House of Representative, as the solution to the unstable and unmanageable health care benefit environment that employers have long faced.

Located in downtown Boston, NASRO  is at the center of rapidly changing business development. Many start-up companies out of MIT and Harvard have turned to NASRO Administrators because of our foundation in social responsibility, in a time when many corporations have trouble making such commitments. With NASRO, companies become part of our community with national connections in many large metropolitan areas.

NASRO is a private non-profit with offices in Boston. We have 28 years of service to the community and supports Medicare For All as the solution to the unstable and overly complicated system we have long had to navigate. We offer are cost effective group health insurance, providing choices of truly affordable Massachusetts group health insurance, group dental insurance and other benefits, that has provided small businesses, self-employed people, and non-profits with more options since 1992.

Massachusetts employers of NASRO  come from a  broad coalition of organizations in industries ranging from biotech, professional services, environmental sciences, non-profits, and software developers and more.  NASRO  offers a simple interactive administrative process that was developed for the benefit of the customer, not for the benefit of a government agency or an insurance company. We pay close attention to the details and manage every form, question, and regulation, to assure your employees are always clear and well-informed about their plans and their options.

NASRO  understands employer groups and what employers value in offering employees the choice of physicians and hospitals from Central Mass, Metro West, the North Shore, Greater Boston and the South Shore to Cape Cod and the Islands. We’re here to help make health coverage simpler and more affordable for employers, starting with real choices.  

Contact NASRO  today to see how we can help you.



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