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NASRO Virginia Health Insurance carriers include:


NASRO of Virginia is a private non-profit health insurance co-op working to help people and businesses manage their health care and employee benefits by viewing all their options and choices at the most affordable rates possible.

If you are preparing for your annual health and dental plan renewal, starting a new business. expanding operations in Virginia, or just need to lower your monthly health insurance costs then you need to learn more about NASRO. You are not alone, we can help you. We have worked hard for decades to help establish the more humane health care system that Virginia is known for in our region. NASRO is helping to make sure all the health plan options available in the state are communicated professionally. If you have a question or a problem please call us. We can offer advice on a wide range of health care subjects beyond health insurance rates.

NASRO’s Top Rated Virginia Carrier for Individuals and Families


Affordable Quality Dental Insurance with Great Benefits and a Good Choice of Dentists Is Now Available for Employees, Individuals and Families, and Retirees, as well as Employer Groups.

NASRO will help you with every step of the process until your enrollment is accepted. If you have questions about how to determine the best benefit plan, how to answer the questions concerning your medical history or how to coordinate your new coverage with the ending of your old coverage please call NASRO at 617.308.1525 or e-mail us at Information on other individual and group carriers are listed below.

NASRO Professionals, Non-Profits, Co-ops, and Small Business include:

  • Community Builders Worker Cooperative
  • International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
  • International HIV/AIDS Alliance
  • Jobs with Justice
  • Act Blue
  • Brighter Days Dog Walking Collective
  • Women In Film and Video
  • Alliance to Defend Health Care
  • Health Care For All
  • National Pancreas Foundation
  • Working Assets

Health and Dental Rate Information

NASRO is a non-profit Virginia health and dental insurance provider with warm and friendly, professional, person to person service and not with a cold automated system. We provide both the information and the interpretation of what the various benefit plan levels and prices are actually buying, at no additional cost. NASRO Administrators is staffed by Virginia health and dental insurance experts who are available to assist any state resident or organization with direct answers to questions about benefit choices, cost, which Virginia health or dental insurance provider network is best for you or your employees and which are the plans that accept people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Pre-Existing Conditions and Individual Health and Dental Plans

NASRO believes strongly that individuals who need an affordable Virginia health insurance plan that should be provided the right to buy the same plans for the same price as anyone else with their own money. We believe it is a sin for Virginia health insurance companies to resist the change that is coming, that will finally due away with this immoral practice.

NASRO does not yet in Virginia have a group health plan that will accept individuals who have been turned down for coverage but we do have a dental plan that will accept everyone.


  • Virginia Health Insurance for Individuals
  • Virginia Medicare Supplement Plans
  • Virginia Health Insurance for the Self Employed
  • Health Insurance for People Moving to Virginia
  • Virginia Health Insurance for Graduating Students
  • Health Insurance for People Coming off COBRA
  • Health Insurance for People Who Are Foreign Born
  • Health Insurance for Early Retirees under 65
  • Virginia Health Insurance for Small Business
  • Virginia Health Insurance for Non-Profits
  • Virginia Health Insurance for Employees

Types of Virginia Health Insurance Coverage

  • Traditional Health Insurance Plans
  • Preferred Provider Organization Plans (PPOs)
  • Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
  • Catastrophic Health Insurance
  • Health Savings Account Plans ( HSAs )
  • Dental Insurance Plans for Individuals
  • Vision Insurance Plans
  • Long Term Disability Plans
  • Short Term Disability Plans
  • Life Insurance Plans
  • Medicare Supplement Plans
  • Long Term Care Insurance Plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Retirement Plans

Benefits You Want In a Virginia Health Insurance Plan

  • Hospitalization
  • Out Patient Surgery
  • Office Visits
  • Well Care
  • Emergency Room
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Lab and X-ray
  • Mental Health

Virginia Health Insurance Plan Features Ranked By Importance

  • Annual Deductible
  • Percent of Expense Paid by Insurance
  • Out of Pocket Maximum
  • Office Visit Copays
  • Annual Out of Pocket
  • Total Annual Cost
  • Emergency Room Visit
  • Prescription Drug Copay
  • Lifetime Maximum Coverage


Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. Health Insurance Carriers and Plans





CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield

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United Health One

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Group Dental and Vision Insurance

Any individual in the tri-state area is eligible to participate in our dental plan regardless of medical pre-existing conditions. Call 617.308.1525 to find out the rates, benefits and enrollment information from the top dental carrier in the state.


CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield

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Delta Dental

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Dental Benefit Providers

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