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NASRO of California’s a private non-profit health insurance co-op working to help individuals, families, and self-employed go-getters manage their health insurance and benefits by guiding them through all their options and the most affordable rates possible. We help California residents find the most affordable health insurance with the best benefits by being ethical and socially responsible. We provide easy to understand coverage and rate comparisons, transparent plan details, expert advice and free quotes. NASRO is your independent resource for finding the best health insurance plans that fit your needs, provides the best value and delivers high quality health care.

Clarity Amongst the Chaos

Still trying to make sense of your rights and responsibilities under the Affordable Care Act?  We at NASRO are ACA experts, and we can clarify the whole picture for you, including all the important details that impact you. Clearly the government is playing an expanded role today, but we can help you understand where there are new tax breaks or premium subsidies that may be available to you. Call us at 415.732.9440 for more information.

NASRO of California has been both administering health plans and working for universal health care for the past 20 years. We have dedicated major resources to advising coalitions that brought about the landmark Health Care Reform Bill in Massachusetts, which became the model for the Affordable Care Act. We lead the way for self- employed people, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and small businesses to join the vibrant coalition of doctors, nurses, union members, and religious activists who broke through the resistance of the health insurance industry to gain a mass following and achieve health care reform. It’s not everything we wanted, but it’s a solid beginning.

The National Association of Socially Responsible Organizations (NASRO) Health Plans of California is also a health insurance and reinsurance administrator for employer groups Founded by health care consumer advocate Robert Gaw, it is working hard for you and is able to recommend, as a free service, the best individual health insurance, Medicare supplement insurance, small group health insurance and large group self funding arrangements that are available in California at a more affordable rate.

Talk to NASRO Today at 415.732.9440 for Your Best Options.

If you are preparing for your annual California health insurance or reinsurance renewal, starting a new business, are currently on an expensive COBRA plan from a previous job, expanding operations in California, or just need to lower your monthly health insurance costs then you need to know more about NASRO. We have worked hard for decades to help establish a more humane health care system in California. NASRO has made important achievements at developing health insurance exchange models the government is now starting to use that begin to set controls on the health care industry.

Call NASRO at 415.732.9440 today to make sure you are getting the best health plan benefits at the best prices. We look forward to helping you stay healthier.

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California Health Insurance Carriers and Plans

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